Pineau des Charentes is a mistelle , i.e. a beverage made by adding grape spirit to sweet, unfermented grape juice, which stops fermentation. According to legend, Pineau des Charentes was born in the 16th century when a winegrower added grape must to a barrel of Cognac by mistake. When he saw what he had done, and noticed that the wine had stopped fermenting, he left the mixture in the barrel and forgot about it. When he went back to it several years later, he was amazed to see that it had turned into a delicious sweet wine: the first Pineau was born.

Pineau des Charentes is still made by blending grape juice with Cognac (one year old or more) in oak barrels. This can only be done at vintage time. The quality of the Cognac is important, because this is what will have the greatest impact on overall quality. The Pineau is stirred every day for a week or longer to obtain a perfectly homogenous blend. Long ageing in oak barrels makes Pineau soft and aromatic…

Pineau acquired a solid notoriety in France and around the world. It thus became the first liquor wine of French AOC. Today, Pineau takes a huge part in Charente economy and culture


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